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Jan 10 2018

NATURE MONCTON INFORMATION LINE, January 10, 2018 (Wednesday)

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The white morph juvenile GYRFALCON found by Nora Herbert on January 08 was still present in the same area in Bouctouche Tuesday, January 09.  It was seen a few times in the morning and it made several passes by the pedestrian bridge in the afternoon chasing pigeons and ducks.  It was seen and photographed by many.  It can be seen from the parking lot by Captain Dan's, which was formerly the Mills processing plant, at the end of Rue du Rivière or a little farther from the pedestrian bridge itself as well which is parallel to route 11. As of Wednesday afternoon, it was seen in the same area this morning but has not returned as of 1:45 pm but many waiting are hopeful it drops back for a late afternoon refuelling

**Ray Gauvin shares some moon photos he took on December 06 of the waxing crescent moon.  To offer more explanation, this is the ‘waxing crescent’ phase.  When the moon goes past first quarter, being when the moon is first at half full, it is called the ‘waxing gibbous ‘moon, after being full it is then called the ‘waning gibbous’ moon, then the third quarter when it is half full on the other side and then ‘waning crescent’ until it is new. So waxing is getting fuller and waning is getting less full.  The lighted illuminated portion of the moon is the thin crescent phases is called earth shine as it is reflected light from the earth that is illuminating it.  This extra information courtesy of Brian Stone and Curt Mason and if you want to understand more h
 on earthshine, Brian suggests the attached website

**Dave Christie reports John Inman had a SAVANNAH SPARROW arrive to his 225 Mary's Pt. Rd feeder yard on Tuesday.  A species that he had not seen since last fall.  Dave suspects it was probably a bird that was staying over in the Shepody marsh area that got covered over so joined the sparrow troupe in John's feeder yard. 
Also, another comment on CROSSBILLS.  Dave comments he heard two singing crossbills in spruce trees near his home on Tuesday as well as four seen on the spruce trail on the January 01 Christmas Bird Count in that area as well some RED CROSSBILL reports. This species seems few and widely spaced in the area at the moment but Dave expects numbers will build up as winter progresses. 

**This coming Tuesday night, January 16, is Nature Moncton members night when members and guests will give short 10 to 20 minute presentations on any subject they choose on nature. A real variety show.  If you have something to share, email President Susan at and she can line up the presentations.  At the moment I believe there are four scheduled.  Louise Nichols on Shorebird monitoring, Mike Plourde on trail camera use, Adam Cheeseman on Nature NB projects and Nelson Poirier on ticks in NB. 
 I would also encourage folks to visit the Nature Moncton website under "Upcoming Events" as several write ups on events to come are now posted with apologies to those who have emailed wondering about future Nature Moncton activities.  The challenges getting them posted seems to have been corrected.  

 Nelson Poirier 
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