Thursday, 4 January 2018

Jan 4 2018

NATURE MONCTON INFORMATION LINE, January 04, 2018 ( Thursday )

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Edited by: Nelson Poirier
Transcript by: Brian Stone
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** Clarence Cormier leaves a report from his Grande-Digue site where the supply of Mountain Ash berries is plentiful. CEDAR WAXWINGS [Jaseur d'Amérique] have been around for over a month now, some days just a handful and other days fifteen to twenty and on Wednesday a flock of approximately thirty. AMERICAN ROBIN [Merle d'Amérique] attendance has been similar, however a flock of seventy did arrive on Wednesday.

Clarence has had a few new visitors. A MERLIN [Faucon émerillon] arrived on December 28th, staying near, as did a NORTHERN SHRIKE [Pie-grièche grise] on December 29th. There is a larger hawk terrorizing Mourning Doves. Clarence is not sure of its identity yet, but it does seem intent on only targeting Mourning Doves. Clarence comments that the Northern Shrike is acting very tame, letting him regularly go up to as near as fifteen feet from it.
** Brian Stone got an excellent photo of a striking solar halo on Wednesday, commenting that it may well be a precursor to the storm forecast for later today.
Nelson Poirier,
Nature Moncton

SOLAR HALO ( 22 DEG. ). JAN. 03, 2018. BRIAN STONE