Thursday, 13 February 2020

Feb 13 2020

NATURE MONCTON INFORMATION LINE, February 13, 2020 (Thursday)

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Edited by: Nelson Poirier
Transcript by: Brian Stone
Info Line # 506-384-6397 (384-NEWS)

** Shirley and Bob Childs operate one of the bird-feeder sites that is a regular refueling spot for the CAROLINA WREN [Troglodyte de Caroline] pair in Riverview. Shirley reports that they see them most days and are now hearing them much more frequently.

** Ted Glas comments that he saw a NORTHERN FLICKER [Pic flamboyant] near the Irving Eco Center at the Bouctouche Dune recently. The Northern Flicker seems to be overwintering more frequently in New Brunswick with several bird-feeder yards having them as patrons and several reported in non-feeder areas such as in Ted’s report.

** An item for the headlines today is that Mother Nature has ordered up a pleasant, sunny day for the annual Nature Moncton Feeder Tour scheduled for this coming Saturday and plans are in place. The day will start with a group meeting at the corner of the Moncton Coliseum parking lot (north-east corner) and will then head out to Jean and Billy Renton’s in Stilesville to take in the morning action around their bird-feeders. Participants are asked to bring a favourite food contribution for a pleasant communal breakfast of comradeship and birds snacking together.

From there the group will drop by the swelling duck troupe at Mapleton Park so make sure to have a bag of bird food, preferably corn, so they will enjoy our visit as much as we will enjoy them. From there we will be off to Riverview as a group to seek an audience with the Carolina Wren pair that are now becoming quite vocal and maybe peruse and reflect on why the area has become so attractive to them and also see some of the Nature Moncton bird nest boxes that have been erected in the area awaiting for the Wrens to peruse as possibilities for a summer cottage and family planning.

From there Mac Wilmot and Jamie Burris’s feeders will get whistle stops and the last stop for lunch and refreshments will be at Pat and Nelson Poirier’s and we will see what birds may be dining at that site. A contact number for the group should anyone like to join at any time, or if they get misplaced from the traveling group, is “866-2752”. It is looking like a great day. The write up as it appears on the Nature Moncton website, at under “Upcoming Events”, is attached below.

Saturday, February 15, 2020 (with a weather date of Saturday, February 22)
8:30 am at Coliseum Parking Lot

Nature Moncton’s annual bird feeder tour will take place on Saturday February 15th. Participants are asked to meet at 8:30 AM at the northeast corner of the Coliseum parking lot.

The first stop will be the Renton’s in Stilesville to see the many birds in their well-stocked feeder yard while socializing over a delicious pot-luck breakfast. Participants are asked to bring food contributions.  After leaving the Renton’s, the group will travel to Mapleton Park for a quick stop to see the ducks, then on to a few other feeders to finally end up at Nelson and Pat Poirier’s in the afternoon. Come and enjoy a day with fellow birding enthusiasts along with the excitement of seeing what turns up at the visited feeders.

All are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.

Nelson Poirier,
Nature Moncton

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