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Nov 23 2021



Nov 23, 2021 (Tuesday)



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**Brian Coyle shares 3 new Dropbox links of videos he has captured with his trail camera...  In the first video, you have to wait for the second Coyote to come into the frame. It appears that they are searching for rodents. Brian really likes the clarity of this Browning camera.

 The next video is of a fairly large Bobcat, urine scent marking that famed erratic boulder where Brian has captured so many excellent wildlife videos. Brian believes this to be a male, but females also urine scent mark in the same manner.

The next short clip  shows how the Ruffed Grouse got its name displaying its black neck ruff. Brian suspects this to be a young of this year, practicing for the spring.

 The last video is of a mother Bobcat urine scent marking a stick at the end of a Beaver dam, with one kitten in tow.

 Brian adds another Bobcat at the same location. Take a look at all the action below:






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