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Jan 21, 2023



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**To update on the Short-beaked Common Dolphin Barb Curlew and Rick Elliott found beached and deceased on Thursday at Cape Enrage, this sea mammal was washed back to sea by Friday due to the very high tides at the moment associated with the New Moon. The carcass could potentially be again washed up in another location, so folks are asked to watch the shoreline for it as there is interest in collecting it for study/research determinations.

As indicated earlier, this is not a common species of dolphin to appear in the Bay of Fundy.


**With the recent weather, there has been little nature sleuthing so no new observations or photographs to share.

This makes it a good day to visit the Nature Moncton website at as the Activities Committee has been able to line up several activities over the coming months which are posted at the site under ‘Upcoming Events ’.

Activities include a day round of wharves starting at Cap Lumiere and working down the coast which will take place next Saturday, January 28. This will be followed by the always popular feeder tour on February 11.

Also posted is the lineup for Nature Moncton monthly meeting presentations for February, April, and May with the March presentation to be posted soon.


It is also a good time to review the excellent audio video efforts of Evar Simon of the individual speakers at Petitcodiac River Appreciation Day under the bar ‘Petitcodiac River Appreciation Day Videos’.


The activities committee is also thinking ahead to the summer series of Wednesday evening walkabouts and would like ideas for places to visit on those evenings. If you have some thoughts on a good place to check out, advise Fred Richards via email at or via phone at 506-334-0100.


There is also an unused car window mount for camera or viewing scope for sale under the ‘Buy and Sell’ bar.


Webmaster Brian Stone has arranged it so all these items can be opened from the homepage with a click on the appropriate bar.

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