Tuesday, 20 March 2018

March 20 2018

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** A last minute reminder of tonight's, Tuesday night, Nature Moncton March meeting at the Mapleton Rotary Lodge at 7:00 pm. All details are at the website ... www.naturemoncton.com ... under "upcoming events".
** The female NORTHERN CARDINAL [Cardinal rouge] and the FIELD SPARROW [Bruant des champs] that have been visiting feeders in the Frampton Lane area in Moncton are still present. John Foster advises that they both are still coming to his yard bird feeder commenting that he wishes they could both find mates. Surely there is hope for that Cardinal with that species edging closer and closer to Moncton.
** Kevin Renton reported yesterday a group of SNOW BUNTINGS [Bruant des neiges] arrived to their Stilesville feeder yard for the first time this winter. On Monday they returned, but had a LAPLAND LONGSPUR [Bruant lapon] with them.

** From reports across the Maritimes PURPLE FINCHES [Roselin pourpré] that did not overwinter with us are indeed returning. Joanne Savage in Quispamsis comments that approximately two and a half weeks ago a single male arrived to be joined ten days later by a female, however over the past three days she is now up to six males and seven females in her feeder yard. Joanne also had a SONG SPARROW [Bruant chanteur] arrive yesterday where she had none all winter so she suspects a returning migrant.
Nelson Poirier,
Nature Moncton