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June 12 2018


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** The Nature Moncton Woodlot Outing is on for tomorrow night, Wednesday night, no matter what the weather may be, with Mathieu Leblanc, to the Notre Dame woodlot of Roger Leblanc. Roger comments that there will be some special stop areas, especially a spring area, so bring a drinking container for some very pure refreshment. Springs attract lots of wildlife as well as humans. The write up is attached below. Roger is doing yeoman services to assist on and give two sessions this week. His effort to do this is and will be very appreciated.

Nature Moncton Field Trip
Date : June 13th, 2018
Time : Meet at 5 :45 pm (to 9 :00 pm)
Location : Meet at Tankville School and we will proceed from there up Rte 115.
Leader : Roger Leblanc and Mathieu Leblanc

                                                            OUT TO THE WOODS

It’s spring! Migratory birds are coming back, plants are flowering, insects are flying  (yes even mosquitoes) and soon mushrooms will be coming out. And a lot of that is happening in or around the forest. In fact a veritable cornucopia of natural sights and sounds is available in forested areas at all times of the year, but spring is special and some of us will be passing quite a bit of time birding and conducting other activities in forested habitat during the coming season.  But how much do we really know about the beautiful Acadian forest around us? And then there is forestry? Wood is one of the main resources of the province.

If any or all of these questions have been on your mind Nature Moncton will give you a chance to learn more. On Friday June 8th we will be offering an evening outing to a working woodlot about 20 km North of Moncton in Notre Dame at civic # 3764 on route 115. The owner of the land, our own Roger Leblanc, cuts firewood for his own use on these 150 acres and he will be there to talk about that but also show us the birds that nest there and some of the things, like owl nesting boxes, he does to help out our feathered friends. An added bonus will be the presence of Mathieu Leblanc a local forester who operates a sustainable commercial harvesting company. He will talk about the trees and forest types we cross on our approximately two-kilometre walk that will go at a leisurely pace on easy trails and last about 3 hours. Mathieu will also explain the services he offers to his clients that in a nutshell are able to make some profit from his land while still making sure its biological integrity is preserved for future generations.  So why not join us for this outing of discovery.
All are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.

Roger Leblanc has some great updates on the PEREGRINE FALCONS [Faucon pèlerin] nesting atop Assumption Place. He watched the nest for a time to notice the two adults outside the nest box and realized that there were three chicks inside the box. The chicks still have white down on them and are surprisingly large. Feeding three teenage raptors must make for very busy parents. The City’s good supply of Starlings and Pigeons is no doubt a big help.

** Annette and Brian Stone and Carol Shea visited the same site in Shemogue that Elaine Gallant reported seeing one MUTE SWAN [Cygne tuberculé] at a few days ago to again spot the one Swan. I am attaching three photos that show the features of this Swan from different angles. A person driving by stopped to tell them that the other one was sitting on a nest up beyond the bend in the inlet in Shemogue Harbour out of sight of the road at that spot. Be aware that this is an unconfirmed report and should not be assumed without further confirmation. I am not sure if the Mute Swan has nested in the wild in New Brunswick in the past. The trio did lots of other bird sleuthing and I suspect there will be lots of photos to follow for Wednesday’s edition.

** Aldo Dorio shares another HERMIT THRUSH [Grive solitaire] photo from Hay Island. I wonder if it might be the same one as it seems to be very cooperative.

** It is time to plan to set aside this coming Saturday for the Nature Moncton event  “What’s that Bird” being given by Roger Leblanc. Roger has some potential pleasant surprises for the afternoon session as the Peregrine Falcon nest can be easily observed from the end of the trail in the Riverview Marsh and the timing for viewing it is perfect. Nelson’s Sparrows have also recently arrived back on the marsh, and Roger may also have a potential lucky bonus for the afternoon with a possible House Wren which will be kept under cover until Saturday to protect a nesting if two may be present. The write up for the Birding 101 event on this coming Saturday is added below.

Nature Moncton Workshop and Outing
Date: June 16th, 2018
Time: 9:00 am (workshop); outing in the afternoon
Location: Tankville School
Leader: Roger Leblanc
Cost: $8.00

Are you just getting started in bird watching and asking yourself these kinds of questions:
-  Where do I start to identify a bird? There are so many.
-  What about guides, apps, sites and equipment? What should I get?
   And once I have the toys what should I do with them?
- What about places to bird? Field vs.feeders.
- Where do I find what bird?
- Where do I find help out there?
- How do I get better at birding?

Nature Moncton recognizes that a lot of new bird enthusiasts are joining our ranks but also that it’s not easy getting started.  In order to share the great pleasure and sense of accomplishment one gets from learning to know birds and nature better, we are offering a birding workshop for beginners with our own Roger Leblanc. Roger, a well known birder and bird expert with more than 20 years of experience, will explore all these questions with you and any others you might have. He will also share with you his expertise on finding and identifying birds as well as many tips on various aspects of bird watching. And after a couple of hours indoors talking about birds and birding, we will put it all together by --“YES” -- going birding together. At this point you can put your newfound know-how to the test in the field again with the help of Roger. As many have said, bird watching is all about time spent in the field and so we will go out to see what the nesting season has in store for us. Some extra binoculars and scopes will be available.
All are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.

Nelson Poirier,
Nature Moncton