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Oct 8 2019


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** Brian Coyle came across one of our several ICHNEUMON WASPS perched on a yard flower recently. We have several ichneumon wasp species in New Brunswick. These are non-aggressive wasps. The white bands on the antennae are a clue to this particular genus of ichneumon wasp. We saw one of this species on the Mapleton Acadian Eco Forest hike but it did not cooperate for a photo.

** Fall mushroom rains have again made for a brief information line today, so it is a great chance to give a heads up advance notice of a very special guest to Nature Moncton’s October meeting next Tuesday evening at the Mapleton Rotary Lodge at 7:00 pm.   Carl Duivenvoorden was one of the first Canadians to be trained by the Al Gore team to give public presentations in follow up to Al Gore’s award winning production of “The Inconvenient Truth” that started a real movement on the realities of climate change. Carl has given over 300 presentations to over 40,000 people since he left his job with NB Power to take on this role. We have tried to get this powerful speaker before but speaker fees and other commitments were always a roadblock, but not this time. Carl is coming to our Nature Moncton meeting next Tuesday evening and even if you are a distance away make every effort to come and hear this powerful speaker. Carl will be presenting to several schools and other groups during his visit to Moncton next week. I expect this to be a special experience and as always all are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.

I am attaching the write up as webmaster Brian Stone has placed it on the website under “Upcoming Events”.

Nature Moncton October, 2019 meeting
October 15, 2019. 7:00 PM
Mapleton Rotary Lodge (across from former Cabela’s)
Beyond ‘An Inconvenient Truth’
Guest speaker: Carl Duivenvoorden

In 2007, Carl Duivenvoorden became one of the very first Canadians to be trained by former US Vice President Al Gore. Since then, he has presented his local and updated version of Mr. Gore’s slideshow more than 300 times to over 40,000 people across Atlantic Canada and in the US.
His column, Green Ideas, was featured regularly in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal and the Fredericton Daily Gleaner for 10 years, and runs periodically in the Halifax Herald. He also writes for the Huffington Post.
As a speaker, writer and sustainability consultant, he helps people and organizations learn how they can save money, energy, and our environment. For 2019, he set a goal of doing at least 50 free presentations for schools and non-profit community organizations.
Carl Duivenvoorden’s presentation is based on ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Mr. Gore’s Academy award-winning movie and book. It covers:
-the science of climate: how our planet’s natural systems work
-the causes and impacts of climate change
-what’s needed to solve climate change
-solutions, including actions anyone can take starting today
Carl’s presentation incorporates powerful visuals and clear graphics, including many featured in the movie. It is continuously updated with new and locally relevant information, plus the latest innovations in renewable energy. This is a very special presentation from a very special knowledgeable person. Nature Moncton is very lucky to have this person for Tuesday evening; October 15 .Come experience the reason for the many accolades Mr. Duivenvoorden has received for his presentations.
The presentation is open to the public and as always all are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.

Nelson Poirier,
Nature Moncton
ICHNEUMON WASP (Coelichneumon spp). OCT 4, 2019. BRIAN COYLE