Saturday, 11 January 2020

Jan 11 2020


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 Edited by: Nelson Poirier
Transcript by: Catherine Clements
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**A very interesting comment from Leigh Eaton, who is in Florida at the moment. In perusing Leigh’s comments, remember that AMERICAN ROBINS [Merle d'Amérique] who have not overwintered with us will start arriving back here in latter March – so think spring! Lee comments, “A year ago today, our back yard in Cocoa, Florida was inundated with American Robins, and they are apparently on the same schedule. Again this year, all afternoon on Saturday, dozens of Robins were flying back and forth, being very vocal.” Leigh assumes they are fueling up for the long flight to the Maritimes. Leigh comments the last few days have been cool in Florida, but reports indicate warmer weather ahead.

**Brian Stone had a lone American Robin visit his Moncton yard Mountain-ash tree [Sorbier des oiseaux] on Friday. He normally has a flock of Robins that clean that particular tree earlier in the season. It is a very sharply-attired male, looking very ready for spring, so hopefully it’s a scout checking out food sources for its overwintering kin.

Nelson Poirier,
Nature Moncton


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